Shima 3829, Nakanojo-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma 377-0601, JAPAN

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Gunma Prefecture is one of the most famous hot spring areas in Japan. In particular, Kusatsu Onsen, Ikaho Onsen, and Shima Onsen are known as the "Three Hot Springs of Jyoshu". Sometimes Mizukami Onsen is included in the list and is referred to as the four major hot spring areas in Gunma Prefecture.The name Shima Onsen is said to come from a legend that it cures 40,000 illnesses, and it has long been known as a remote hot spring area in the mountains......

Private & Open-air Bath Reports
Private & Open-air Bath Reports

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Kashiwaya Ryokan is its three private open-air baths. Guests can use them at any time between 3:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m. or 5:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. the next morning, without making a reservation......

Facilities & Hot Spring Reports
Facilities & Hot Spring Reports

"Kashiwaya Ryokan" stands at the entrance to the Shima Onsen hot spring area in Gunma Prefecture. After climbing the ramp and entering the inn, a warm and relaxing atmosphere awaited us......

Guest Room Reports
Guest Room Reports

Kashiwaya Ryokan is based on the concept of "Japanese modern", which has recently become a common concept in ryokans throughout Japan. The inn was one of the first to incorporate Japanese-style rooms with low beds, and also has two guest rooms with open-air baths, which is a trend in Japan......

Cuisine Reports
Cuisine Reports

After the renovation of the dining room in March 2021, both dinner and breakfast will be served in the new dining room. The dining room is now semi-private and has a relaxed atmosphere......

Extra Reports
Extra Reports

The sales store by the front desk displayed many of the ryokan's original items, Japanese sundries, and souvenirs exclusive to Shima Onsen......

Keywords for this ryokan
Japanese modern atmosphere within the facility
Free private open-air baths are available without reservation
Guest room with free-flowing open-air bath
Check-out at noon with brunch option
Excellent cuisine using local ingredients such as Jyoshu beef

KASHIWAYA RYOKAN Basic Information

Accommodation Information

Check-In / Check-Out 3:00 p.m. / 12 noon
Card usage Allowed
Room Views River, Mountain
In-room Meal
Dinner Japanese-style meal
Breakfast Japanese-style meal, Western-style meal, Brunch

Room Rates ※Rates are for 1 person when 2 people stay in 1 room (tax included)

Official website's online reservation benefits The most economical rates are available for reservations through official website.
If you make a reservation directly on the official website or by phone, you will receive a 5% point rebate by using the Kashiwaya Ryokan web point system, etc.
Special Packages Birthday, Anniversary, Celebration, KANREKI Package, etc. Check the Official Website for details★
①Free-flowing hot spring water - "Hana" guest room with open-air bath Weekday 1 room for 2 persons: From 31,000 yen
1 person use: ―
②Free-flowing hot spring water - "Kame" guest room with open-air bath Weekday 1 room for 2 persons: From 30,000 yen
1 person use: ―
③Japanese-style room with footbath terrace "Hikari" Weekday 1 room for 2 persons: From 22,000 yen
1 person use: ―
④Basic Japanese-style room (3 rooms)
"Matsu", "Take", "Ume"
Weekday 1 room for 2 persons: From 20,000 yen
1 person use: From 23,000 yen ※Weekdays only
⑤3 Japanese-style twin rooms with terrace: "Tsuki", "Akatsuki", "Yuhi" Weekday 1 room for 2 persons: From 20,000 yen
1 person use: From 23,000 yen ※Weekdays only
⑥Basic Japanese-style room "Hoshi" (1F) Weekday 1 room for 2 persons: From 18,000 yen
1 person use: From 21,000 yen ※Weekdays only
⑦Japanese-style twin room (2 rooms) "Mine", "Hagi" Weekday 1 room for 2 persons: From 19,000 yen
1 person use: From 22,000 yen ※Weekdays only
⑧Single room "Niji" (2F) Weekday 1 room for 2 persons: From 18,000 yen
1 person use: From 21,000 yen
⑨Single room with terrace "Akari" (1F) Weekday 1 room for 2 persons: ―
1 person use: From 20,000 yen

Facility Information

Establishment / Reconstruction / Renovation Established: 1972 / Reconstructed: 2001 / Renovated: 2010 / 2021
Number of Rooms All 14 rooms (6 Japanese style rooms / 7 Modern Japanese style rooms / 1 Japanese-Western style room)
・6 Japanese-style rooms (no bed) ※Guest room with open-air bath "Kame", Japanese-style room with footbath terrace "Hikari", 3 basic Japanese-style rooms "Matsu", "Take", "Ume", 1F Basic Japanese-style room "Hoshi".
・7 Modern Japanese-style rooms (with bed ) ※Japanese-style twin room with terrace (3 rooms) "Tsuki", "Akatsuki", "Yuhi", Japanese-style twin room (2 rooms) "Mine", "Hagi", Single room on the 2nd floor "Niji", Single room with terrace on the 1st floor "Akari".
・1 Japanese/Western style room ※Guest room with open-air bath "Hana"
Number of People Accommodated 47 persons
Private bath Private open-air bath x 3
Kaede-no-Yu / "Sanbaseki" (Samba stone) bath produced Gunma Prefecture
Tsuki-no-yu / "Koya-maki" bath (Japanese umbrella pine)
Sakura-no-Yu / The edge is "Hinoki" and the bathtub is a stone-style tile bath
Usage hours : Approx. 30 minutes from 3:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. and from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Reservation method : No reservation (first-come-first-served basis)
View: Mountain
Public Bath Information Large public baths for men and women (no switching between men and women)
Usage hours: 3:00 p.m. - 11:00 a.m. next day
Parking Area 15 cars
Pets Not allowed
Barrier Free Wheelchair for rent, Western-style toilets in guest rooms, Handrails in bathtubs in public baths
Esthetics / Massages Esthetics: None
Massages: None
Internet Wi-Fi available on all floors
DVD Not available
TV Channels NHK: 2 stations, Private Broadcasting: 6 stations
Facilities Lounge, Tea room, Shop
Refrigerator System Empty (with space for drinks brought in/freezer room available)
Vending Machine None ※Available at the After-Bath Library (free cafe) (7:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.)
Sales shop Available
Yukata Bath towels
Towels Soap
Body wash Shampoo
Conditioner Rinse in shampoo
Shower cap Toothbrush
Hair dryer Brush
Comb Razor blade
Cotton bud Toilet with washer

Other Service / Rental Information

Child Children's slippers / Children's yukata / Children's tableware / Hot water for powdered milk
Foreign Languages English

Extra Information

Recommended Souvenirs Kakekou ※Inn's original
Nearby Convenience Store 15 min. by car
Cellular Antennas △docomo ◎au ◎softbank

KASHIWAYA RYOKAN Hot spring Information

Spring quality Sodium Calcium / Chloride Sulfate Hot Springs (Hypotonic, Weak alkaline, High temperature spring)
Temperature of the source 48.2℃
Output rate 50ℓ / per min.
Hydrogen ion pH7.5 (Weak alkaline)
Total dissolved substances (excluding gases) 1,410mg / kg
Gushing of the source Hot water drawn from a nearby ryokan spring
Add water / Circulation Filtration ○Men's and women's indoor baths: Combined use of free-flowing hot spring water + Circulation
○Private open-air bath (Tsuki-no-Yu): Although it is a free-flowing hot spring water, the temperature and volume of the hot water are adjusted by adding water
○Private open-air bath (Sakura-no-Yu and Kaede-no-Yu): Free-flowing hot spring water + Circulation are used together
○Open-air baths in guest rooms: Although it is a free-flowing hot spring water, the temperature and volume of the hot water are adjusted by adding water
※However, the private open-air bath "Tsuki-no-Yu" and the Guest room open-air baths are 100% free-flowing hot spring water only during the summer season
Water heating No
Sterilization of bath Yes (Private open-air baths "Sakura-no-Yu" and "Kaede-no-Yu" and Large public baths for men and women)
Replacement of hot water in bathtub Once a day: Private open-air bath "Tsuki-no-Yu" and guest room open-air baths / Other baths: Once a week
Bath Additive No using
Indications by Spring Quality (Revised on July 1, 2014) Cuts, Peripheral circulatory failure, Sensitivity to cold, Depression, Dry skin
General Indications for Bathing (Revised on July 1, 2014) Chronic pain or stiffness of muscles or joints (chronic phase of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lower back pain, neuralgia, frozen shoulder, bruises, sprains, etc.), muscle stiffness in motor paralysis, excessive sensitivity to cold, peripheral nerve disorder, decline of gastrointestinal function (slow digestion, intestinal gas formation, etc.), mild high blood pressure, impaired glucose tolerance (diabetes), mild hypercholesterolemia, mild asthma or emphysema, hemorrhoid pain, autonomic instability, various symptoms from stress (sleep disorders, depression, etc.),convalescence stage of illness, recovery from fatigue, promotion of health.
Color of water Clear and colorless
For drinking Cannot
Indications for drinking
Smell / Taste Tasteless and odorless

KASHIWAYA RYOKAN Access & Nearby Information


By train JR Agatsuma Line Nakanojo Station, 35 minutes by bus
Shuttle bus None
By car Kanetsu Expressway - Shibukawa/Ikaho I.C., R353, approx. 50 min.

Nearby Information

Nearby Sightseeing Spots Okushima Dam and Hot spring town strolling
Recreation (tourist farms, parks, etc.) Lake Okushima
Sports Canyoning, Kayaking, Fishing
Staff messages Message from President Kashiwabara

The inn is surrounded by the Shima River and mountains, where you can spend a relaxing time, and there are three private baths available for your use. Please come and enjoy the four seasons.
Publication Date June 29, 2021
Information Updated

※When making a reservation, please mention that you saw "kashikiri-onsen.com"


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